Why Us
Open air
Fresh and open air is one of the key to get well. We offer you a open environmment to support your physical and mental health. Our rehab in North 24 Parganas is located in a peaceful environment.
As we deal with people from different societies, it is our duty to satisfy their needs or requirements. Thus we provide two types of treatment program - normal treatment program facility for all and special treatment program facility.
Addiction doesn't only change your body. It also changes your mind, your perspective towards life, your thoughts and so on. We organize consciousness classes and seminars in our rehab to keep you motivated towards your recovery and to teach you the lessons which will help you live happily throughout your life.
One step farther than just quitting
Addiction is a complex desease. Recovery is not only giving up an addiction. It is also about cleaning your mind, soul and spirit. We help you to create a new you.
Good news for the guardians of patients. We always keep eyes on your loved ones and have a tight security in order to prevent them from escaping from our facility and relapse.
Professional Experts
Experienced professionals will always be with you to give you the best treatment.
Practice your hobbies
You can practice your hobies like gardening, fishkeeping etc in our rehab center in Kalyani.
Games & Entertainments
You can play indoor games and watch movies inside of our addiction treatment center.
You just call us. We will go to your place and bring the patient to our rehab. You don't have to worry.
24 hours care